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For the ex-athlete that feels lost in thier workouts, to the busy professional or parent trying to get thier workouts in - you are in the right place.

My clients are people that are serious and commited to thier fitness. They value nutrition and movement and are always pushing themselves to be better.

I take on a small number of clients online one/one to help them achieve thier fitness and nutrition goals.

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what my clients say

Monica, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

"I lost 13 inches and 7lbs on the NKD 10-week challenge, working with Lauren, and I am incredibly happy. The NKD program has changed how I eat, think, and feel. Lauren focuses not just on nutrition, but self-thought and habits, which has led to improved self-awareness of what and when I eat. I am less bloated and I have more energy. Lauren is knowledgeable, positive and an encouraging coach. She is fantastic to work with and if you are thinking about signing up – just do it!"

Jenn, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

"I absolutely loved Lauren’s nutrition program!  The program definitely made me more aware of what I eat and how much.  Thanks to Lauren, I have been able to develop healthy habits, which are maintainable for the long-term.   I now eat much cleaner and healthier and know how to eat to optimize my workouts and recovery.   While on the program, I built lean muscle and lost body fat and am now in the best shape of my life.  The two best parts of this program are how personalized it is for your body and goals and that Lauren is always there to push and support you along the way."

Andrea, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

"I started working with Lauren January 2015, because I typically get bored when it comes to working out and at that moment I was ready for change.  Little did I know that I was the one that was in for a change!  

With a relaxed yet structured workout plan, and focus on form, I became the strongest that I have been since my University training days (…many years ago).  The workouts were never ever the same, and yet I would come out of every workout with a feeling of power & accomplishment every time. 

After seeing great results within the first few months, I was also interested in a more holistic approach with her Lifestyle Coaching through nutrition.  Lauren helped me understand, that it wasn’t the amount of food that I was eating, it was the types of foods that I needed to eat more of.  Then with the help of a few online tools, weekly check-ins, always being accessible, and a few slight additions to my diet, Lauren helped me accomplish the results that I was looking for. 

Now having moved away from Calgary, I still approach my everyday living with the same principles that Lauren has helped me to understand.  Everyone goes through highs & lows in their life, and I get that, but it’s understanding how to maintain a balanced lifestyle throughout – thanks Lauren for the fun times, support, and long life lessons J  Oh, how I don’t miss burpees with you, but I do miss seeing your face weekly!"

Nicole, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching 

" I started working with Lauren in May 2015 with the main goal of getting into shape for my wedding but also to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I went to my first Sweatster class and loved it! The classes are a great size and Lauren is able to encourage you, push you and provide coaching to ensure safety throughout the class. I have noticed significant improvement in my strength and endurance while working with Lauren and in general I feel a great deal a lot better about myself and my health. Ill also mention that the Sweats Fitness Challenges that Lauren offers are awesome because they give you the motivation to workout at home and keep you accountable! I would definitely recommend Lauren to anybody wanting to get in shape, improve their overall health with fitness and nutrition."

Meghan, Online Training and Nutrition Coaching

I started with Lauren about 9 months ago with hopes to get into the best possible shape for my wedding. 

The experience has been great, I've shed those last 10 pesky pounds and gained a significant amount of muscle. I've noticed a big change in my workouts and abilities to perform tougher exercises and am in the best shape of my life. 

She's always there to answer my questions no matter what time of the day and has gotten me to the point where I enjoy working out and am able to meet my goals while still enjoying what I eat.

Joel, Online Training

I've had the pleasure of working with Lauren from a fitness & nutrition coaching perspective and find tremendous value in her knowledge and services. Her passion for helping people truly shines through and she does an excellent job coaching people to achieve their best. She keeps things interesting and fun and ensures you are accountable throughout the process. Highly recommended! 

Ryan, Online Training

Lauren has been a huge motivator and support in my fitness. Her workouts, nutrition plan, and encouragement have helped me to reach my goals. She's modified  and accommodated to meet my fitness needs with workouts that fit into my busy schedule. 

Javiera, Nutrition Coaching 

"Lauren is an amazing nutritionist coach. She takes the time to understand exactly who you are and what you want to achieve and works with you every step of the way so you can reach your personal goals. After a year of doing Crossfit I can finally see changes on my performance and on my body. I'm really happy on how much I've improved by changing my eating habits, all thanks to you Lauren! Thank you so much for your help and support!"


"The workout programs I received from Lauren great for my own strength progression and staying challenged and interested!  She did a great job of providing exercises that built up to the larger, higher strength exercises which helped a lot in not getting discouraged when starting out, and then continued to provide enough variety in movements to keep the workouts fun and challenging as I progressed.  Her check ins also kept me on track and accountable compared to just going on my own. I've never been stronger!"

Glenda, Online Nutrition Coaching

"The lean lifestyle group was fantastic for developing a better understanding of nutrition and how different foods impact your body. Lauren provide great group coaching and always responded to individual questions and concerns as well. The weekly homework assignments were really helpful in keeping me accountable and focused on my goals. I would highly recommend this group for anyone looking to make positive changes to their lifestyle." 

Brittney, Online Nutrition Coaching

"Lauren was referred to me as a nutrition specialist to assist me in achieving my athletic goals.  I am an elite hockey player seeking to advance my performance by improving my nutrition.  Lauren helped teach me how to improve my nutrition so I can compete to the best of my ability.  She provided me with the tools and knowledge needed through a series of one on one meetings and a hard copy nutrition guide specific to my hockey schedule and food preferences.  She gave me some great tips on portions, and provided guidance and recommendations on types of food to eat before and after practices and games as well as some great recipes.  She was readily available to answer any questions I had.  Thank you for assisting me in my athletic endeavours Lauren.  I really appreciate your assistance and support!"