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Hey Coaches! ready to get started with a client attracting website?

This is a free 5 Day bootcamp that will cover the basics of website STRATEGY and DESIGN to attract you ideal client.

Over the 5 days, we will include the necessities of what you need on your website.

The process will be based on a Squarespace website, but the lessons can be applied to all website plateforms.

Each day will include email video and tasks. You will also be able to ask questions and create conversations on the POP-UP facebook page.

You don’t need to know anything tech, I promise.

Starts September 9th!

Want to get a head start? Start with this marketing worksheet designed for coaches to develop a strategic marketing plan

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I created this business strategy worksheet to help my clients get clear on the direction of thier business and marketing.

  • Getting to know your ideal client

  • Create a product that solves big problems

  • Original piece of FREE amazing content

  • Consistancy & systems check list

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I love health and fitness. I graduated school with degree in Kinesiology and Psychology (which really means I love people too). I was a personal trainer out of Uni but found it was a hard career to maintain if I wanted to train for the Crossfit Games. I was lucky to get an opportunity to work doing Business Development in the Oil and Gas Industry - and I stayed for 10 YEARS! I was able to work, train, and do my fitness and nutrition coaching on the side.

I probably would have stayed longer but was offered a job as the Fitness Director at a local boutique gym. I took it. It involved managing all the instructors, personal trainers, classes, marketing, etc. This is when I realized that maketing was something I really loved. So I combined my experience with Marketing & Business Development, my understanding of the Fitness Industry and my passion for coaching people to help people like YOU be successful at what you love.

“Lauren has been absolutely instrumental in the growth of Rock On. Her valuable insights, strategies and creative genius have helped us garner us a tremendous following of high integrity clients. Her timely and beautiful work has led to consistently successful marketing campaigns. Lauren exudes professionalism and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We will undoubtedly continue to work with her as long as we can!!” &