Nutrition and Lifestyle Audit

Do you find yourself wondering if you are doing the right thing to be healthier? stronger? fitter? Or perhaps you find yourself wondering what your goals even are.


What would it be like to just chat about your goals? Where are you at now, and where do you want to go. We will take a closer look at what you are currently doing and what is the next BEST steps for you to take in regards to lifestyle and nutrition.

This is why I create the 60 min Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation. The industry can be very overwelming with information, we will work together to decide what might be best for you.

The consulation could include:

  • Setting up your environment for success

  • Body & eating awareness

  • Evaluating your time & goals

  • Ensuring your eating enough protien

  • Evaluating your carbohydrate consumption

  • Eating good fats

  • Eating for performance

  • Planning meals

  • Creating your ideal day.

  • Planning meals

  • Creating your ideal day

  • Meal Timing

  • Supplements

  • Body composition

  • Hormores

  • Sleep Habits

  • Stress Habits

  • Relationships Habits

  • Time Management Habits


lifestyle and nutrition coaching: get results

My coaching is based on daily habits to living you best life possible. After our 60 min consultation you will leave feeling like you have a plan for the next week, month, or year - whatever you decided on. I will follow up with a outline of what we talked about, resources, and actions steps.

This consultation is designed for anyone who wants to make change to their nutrition and lifestyle. 

There are no meal plans, limitations, or hard and fast rules.  You will be coached with weekly achievable habits agreed upon by you. 

This template works for any type of goal, some of the clients in the past have included: 

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  • Females that want to to get lean and strong

  • Men that are trying to put on muscle

  • Mums with new babies

  • Professionals with lack of time

  • Body composition changes

  • Increased energy

  • Balancing life

how it works

Upon sign up you will receive a questionnaire that will help me understand a but more about you and your goals. You will also receive a e-mail out lining some availble times for your consult (In person or on the phone).