Calgary Small Group Personal Training and Nutrition

Brickhouse Program


SESSION 1: Monday/Wednesday/Friday @7:00am

brickhouse program

SESSION 2: Tuesday/Thursday @ 9:30am (momma edition as childcare is available)

Location: 637 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

I am going to say right away, that I am so excited about this program.  If you are looking for results - to gain strength or change body composition - this program is the complete package to help you reach your goals.   Seeing my clients 3x a week helps ensure proper form is being met AT the appropriate intensity level.  The weekly interface also allows the group to ask any nutrition questions they may have along the way.  Not to mention ACCOUNTABILITY. 

A strong foundation in fitness is built one layer at a time. 

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This isn't a quick fix program. It's for people serious about improving their fitness and life in multiple areas including: 
- m o v e m e n t
- s t r e n g t h
- e n d u r a n c e
- n u t r i t i o n

Build Strong, Sustainable Habits. 

What does this program include? 

  • 5 week program

  • Train with your small group 3 x's a week - M/W/F - 7:00-8:00am OR T/Th - 9:30am

  • Additional homework workouts

  • Individualized nutrition guidance: lifestyle habits and macronutrient coaching designed for an active, lean lifestyle.

  • Weekly accountability check ins

Frequently asked questions 

Would I be a good fit? 

If you are looking for a structured weightlifting program with a dash of metabolic training.  A customized nutrition program with a coach that will be by your side the whole way… . then YES you are a good fit.  The group is very small so regardless of fitness levels, injuries and limitation we can modify any of the workouts to ensure you are receiving “fit for you” workout. 

I want to run a private Brickhouse with some of my friends?  

Cool!  Yes! All you need is 2 others and I am happy to run a private program just for you!  Message me for details. 

Do you offer other times?

Right now I am offering the program MWF @ 7:00am.  If you have another time that you would prefer please let me know.  If there is enough interest I am happy to run another session at another time.  

Do you have other questions?   Please message me at

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