101 Lean Sweatster Habits

Body composition - a common goal of many people and many of my clients.  Looking lean is one thing, but getting stronger, being healthy, and mentally happy are all BIG and IMPORTANT goals too.  

They all go hand in hand. 

Here is a list of habits that (I think) happy, healthy lean sweasters do: 

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5 Fun things to do this Valentines day on any budget!

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be nice to come up with some sort of “How-to” guide for having a healthier Valentine’s Day… Now, for whatever reason, you’re probably one of two types of people: you live for February 14th (or any “holiday”, really) and are excited to decorate, dress-up and embrace the day… Or, you would rather forget about cupid altogether and get back to your daily life.

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3 Easy chicken dishes to keep you warm this winter.

It is really cold outside.  Most of the time I prefer a fun crunchy salad - but this weather has be craving something warm and made with love.   Check out these 3 simple recipes to get your food prep in for the week.  They are all chicken to keep it simple - but I am sure you could use ground turkey for the last one.  Enjoy!  

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