Weekend Home Workout - Feb 19, 2016

at home workout

Hey!  I am back with a fun new workout

Something to make you sweaty, try not to pout

It's got some burpees, squats, sit-ups and lunges,

If you sweat a lot you may need some sponges. 


Anyways.  Hope you had a great week!!  Calgary weather is being AWESOME - which really make it hard to complain about anything.  Especially now you can be getting in some fun OUTDOOR workouts.  

at home workout 2

If you are into running (long) try mixing it up and adding in some functional movements.  It may make it easier on the brain - but also better for your body in the long run (no pun intended).  

Here is your workout for this weekend: 

5 rounds: 

30 Sec Burpees

30 Sec Lunges

30 Sec Sit-Ups

30 Sec Goblet Squats 

Rest 1 min

Check out the movement videos.