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How to maximize the use of one blog post (and why you should be blogging/making videos)

If you are like me you really dislike writing! Or maybe you just don't like blogging. Regardless, you need to is you want to grow your audience and e-mail list. In this video, I outline the process of what I do with my blog once I create it. **you want to create blogs and videos because they are searchable and live there forever, vs social media your posts are NOT searchable and will eventually get lost down your feed**

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Email lists for marketing: Why this is a must for coaches.

If you have been following for a while you may notice that I don’t like writing. Or I should say, there is great room for improvement. I have asked friends over and over to proof read my content, and they happily do it (THANK YOU) but I feel like there is just another way to get my information out into the world. Videos!! Please find my short video below on how to create VERY SIMPLE videos for your blog. I mean, pretty much YOU, YOUR COMPUTER and YOU TUBE.

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