Should I start online coaching?


You see online coaches pretty much taking over the fitness space (fitness, nutrition, health etc.) Any you may think to yourself did they build that? How do they manage that?

How do they get clients for that to grow?


All valid questions, but today I am going to talk about Online Coaching - and if this is something that may be a good fit for you at this time in your career.

When I first looked into online coaching as an option for me, I was personal training on the side of my full time 9-5 job. I really wanted to help more people in the limited hours that I could dedicate to training. I started to explore different options online. I quickly realized that if I hadn't worked with REAL PEOPLE first, I wouldn't have been (even more lost) with online coaching.

This is what I think the progression of online coaching could look like: Starting out as a trainer and you do A LOT of one/one. Gain the experience of working with people, seeing how different people move and understand programming. After a little while, you may expand to do semi-private and eventually small group training (or team training). Or maybe you just stick with the one/one because that is what you prefer.

You love your job, but there are some setbacks. We all know that personal training is an exchange of time for money. And there are only so many hours in the day. Not to mention if you lose a client or if someone cancels, it can impact you financially and it may take time and marketing to gain that one client back. Trainers go back to school, take more education - want to grow business somehow, and may just leave that job role altogether. (this is where I think online coaching/training could really help)

Ok, lets talk online coaching. I believe just like in-person training, online coaching as a natural progression as well starting with the Hybrid Model of in-person/online training. This is a model that I really like because it still keeps you working with people IN Person but also you gain the experience of working online. The Hybrid Model may be my favourite as you still get to have that one/one attention with your clients - which keeps them accountable, motivated, performing moves correctly and, well, having fun with you!

Ok, lets talk about complete online training. This can look like one/one, small group, large scale program or membership sites. All have their pros/cons and it depends on how you see your coaching business to work, what you like doing. By this time you should know what type of client that you really like and your online program should be marketing correctly to that ideal client (if you want to grow your business). FINAL NOTE - before you go online, you NEED in-person experience first. This will make you a better trainer online and will have more knowledge when it comes to building successful programs for online clients.

Are you ready to get this online thing going? You should start here when it comes to your marketing!!!