Is Coffee good for you? I switched to decaf and feel amazing.

Hi everyone - this weeks we are going to talk about coffee! 


Is it good? Is it bad? 

It is the world's second most popular beverage - after tea - so there must be something good about it? 

What about caffeine - what is good about that?  Here is what I found on

  • Caffeine is a potent stimulant and typically used as a standard due to its social renown.

  • Metabolic effects of caffeine may vary depending on whether one is 'naive' to caffeine (infrequent user) or 'accustomed' to caffeine (daily user)

  • Metabolic effects may also vary due to genetics, specifically a polymorphism on the CYP1A1/2 enzyme[1]

  • One review notes that, after looking at the differences in metabolism between humans and rats, that a 10mg/kg bodyweight dose in rats is roughly bioequivalent to 250mg in a 70kg person.[2]

  • Caffeine can be affected by some prescription medications such as Fluvoxamine and aromatase inhibitors like Anastrozole

Ok - so what does all that terminology mean for you and me? 

1.  If you feel coffee/caffeine doesn't affect your sleep patterns or daily moods (anxiety) then you are probable OK with 1-2 cups/day.

2.  To avoid any sleep problems, I would limit consumption to the morning.

3.  I would advise against loading up your coffee with tons of sugar and cream, which are sneaky added calories that can lead to weight gain. (This includes all the fun things from Starbucks too, sorry!) 

Still not sure? 

Cut it out for a week or two and see if you experience any differences. 

I personally cut out coffee and switched to decaf. Previous to the switch, I had been drinkin 2 Ventis and a french press day. After a week I noticed a HUGE improvement in my moods - oddly enough, I could focus longer, and I didn't feel as anxious during the day. As a light sleeper, I still slept light, but I have noticed I am more aware of when I start getting tired at night which was something that didn't happen before. 

Like all things, if you are unsure I would advise going and talking to your doctor about it. Below is the link to the resource article I have referenced above, feel free to check it out and read more into the effects coffee can have on your body.