WEIGHT NEUTRAL Coaching - Client Centered


Hello Sweatsters!
Today I wanted to talk about Weight Neutral Coaching, what it is and how it can help you.
I think there is going to be a shift in nutrition coaching, you may have seen it already.  Coaching is moving away from weight loss - and is focusing more on the client.  It's being realized that it's not all about the number on the scale, and focuses instead on the person.  

The problem with weight loss programs. 

Some people may have had huge success with a weight loss program.  Which is great.  Others though, struggle during and after to figure it out.  They may have lost some weight, but then after the program, gained it all back. Other than potential harmful weight gain, there are even worse consequences.  This person may even be LESS motivated and super discouraged to make any sort of healthy change.  They may feel negatively about themselves and see themselves as a failure.  Not wanting to feel like this again, they may just avoid it all.  :(  

Why Weight Neutral Coaching.

Weight neutral coaching doesn't focus on the weight.  Sure it may be a nice bonus, but the focus is put on the client.  Together, the client and the coach work to create LIFESTYLE HABITS that are both realistic and decided by the client.  There are no rules, limitations, set meal plans or set workouts. 
It takes into account the client's life. Their responsibilities, work, family, health and goals are all considered.  Since everyone is different, the strategy is going to look different from client to client.  The habits are going to be different.  It's all based on the client and their needs and goals. Because the client is involved and their life is taken into consideration, it's much more likely to be successful. 

So - weight loss diets, plans, books - on the way out... 
CLIENT centered coaching ....are you ready?