Use THIS form when making a nutrition change.

When making a change, is it better to focus on behavior or outcome goals? Firstly, it is important to know the difference. When pursuing behavioral goals, you have control over certain decisions. This control influences the outcome and dictates results. Versus outcome goals that are more difficult to have control over.

I have found that the weekly accountability form motivates my clients to stay on track and achieve results.As an example, say you would like to change your body composition. It could be as simple as writing down that you will pack a lunch to work and go to the gym 3 days/week. Writing down goals and recording your progress is a fantastic way to develop routines. As you get more comfortable you can add/omit goals that are personalized to your needs and expectations. What a couple of goal ideas? Check out my blog on 101 Lean Sweatster Habits.

Perhaps this sounds a litttle overwelming and you would like some coaching help.

What is a nutrition and lifestyle audit? 

Wonder if you are doing the RIGHT things to be Healthier? Stronger? Fitter?
Lets review your current habits and create the next steps to optimize your lifestyle and nutrition goals.
Finding the right information suited for your needs can be daunting. We will work together to formulate a tailored and customized plan.