Jan 1st 2018. Is the scale calling? Read this first!

It's the NEW YEAR - which means you may be making some health and fitness goals (it's that time of year, right?) 

Before you step on to the scale and let that number guide your next few emotions, actions and weeks, let's chat a bit more about WHY you shouldn't even step on the scale in the first place. 

What are you measuring?  


You get a number back, but what is it even telling you? The problem with the scale is that it doesn't take into account anything about your body make up. How much fat are you actually holding versus muscle? When was the last time you went to the washroom...what is your water retention...you get the picture. 

How to use the scale to your benefit

Here is how I guide my clients to use the scale. 

1. Always use the same scale.

2. Always weight yourself nude.

3. Take your weight first thing in the a.m. before eating or drinking.

4. Take your a.m. weight every day for 3-5 days and use the average.

5. TAKE MEASUREMENTS (this one is CRUCIAL - more information below) 

6. Monitor your process once a month (repeat steps 1-5) 

Why Measurements? 

Measurements are great because you can use them with your a.m. weight to measure progress. Your main goal is to have the scale stay the same while those measurements go down. It is not guaranteed, but chances are you will be putting on muscle while losing body fat. 

Overall, the most accurate way to gather information is with an electronic device that can measure fat, muscle, water (BodPod, InBody). Acess to those tools are limited and can be pricey. If you have the means to have a body analysis done go for it, but if not DON'T SWEAT IT!

If you are looking to achieve new goals for 2018 I would strongly suggest considering action based goals vs the typical measurable ones. Actions are something YOU have complete control of! You don't have to relay on what the scale and measurement tape are telling you. 

What some help starting out the New Year?  I have a nutrition program starting Jan 8th!  More information and sign up here!