How to get fit at home - 3 Tips

I really think this is the best. 

Getting fit at home. 

It's convenient - you can bring out the dumbbells hidden under your couch, or pop to the basement in the morning OR after work. It's easy.  Saturday mornings you can get up and do a 20 min workout while the kiddos are watching TV and eating dry cereal (who else did this when they were little?). 

how to get fit at home

I have seen huge results from my clients who just workout at home.  It's easy, it's cheap and can be fun :) 

1.  Start Small. 

Like all new ventures you don't want to go overboard and not be able to maintain it.  I would start small  -  the smallest possible if you like - but always setting goals and moving ahead.    

Week 1 - Make space for a gym, get the family on board.  (they may need time to think about this too) 

Week 2 -  Get up at the time you would to workout and maybe just stretch.  

Week 3 -  Plan to workout 1 or 2 times in the week -  while still getting up early the other days. 

Baby steps each week - ensure that you are 90% confident you are able to complete you goal for the week.  If you are any less than that - make your goal smaller. 

2. Create time and book it.

You're working out at home - so you have already no transport time, no change room time, no wandering around the gym time.  Good job! 

Now just BOOK that time with yourself.  Put it in your calendar, put the days and times you want workout on your fridge.  Commit to that.  If you are finding that hard - go back to #1 and commit to less times.  But commit to a time(s) each week and stick to it. 

3.  Get a plan.  

You don't need a lot of equipment to workout at home or start a home gym.  But having some direction is important.  You can find a trainer (some will come to your house) or an online trainer, or find some programs on the internet.  You can do a lot at home - but you need to KNOW what you are going to do.   Workouts can be short and efficient and get you the results that you want!