Email lists for marketing: Why this is a must for coaches.

You may be starting out on your business or you have beee in business for a while.  If you are a fitness professional you know the imporatance of having a good client base. But how do you organize current clients and potential clients? Or ever more important how are you communicating with them directly outside of social media?

Enter: E-mail marketing. Here are a few reasons why it is imporant to use e-mail marketing along side your social media. It takes a little time, but trust me, it is well worth it when it comes to mainintaining quliaty client relationships

  1. Email marketing programs can organize your clients and potential clients.  Which is important because it allows you to determine what information is sent to each list. If you want to send programs for new clients or promotions for potential clients, the email marketing system makes this easy.

  2. Having an email newsletter allows you to provide information when you want them to see it. Compared to social media you control WHEN the information gets to them. Which is important if you have a sequence of emails that go out in a row (nurturing or onboarding sequence).

  3. When you send an email, the client is most likely SEE IT.  They may not open it, but you are being seen in their inbox.  Everyone logs into their email. But they do not always log into social media. (not to mention if they do you are battling with the algorithms)

  4. You are sending information to a very targeted audience (your fans).  These people signed up for a reason, they are likely interested in you and the information you provide.  Focus your time on providing information to the people who WANT IT.

  5. Convinced yet?  This one last point I will make, is that you own your email list. If something happened to Instagram and Facebook tomorrow you would still have all your email contacts!

MailChimp is FREE for under 1000 contacts

Of course, social media isn't going anywhere and the best plan is to use all digital marketing platforms together.  But if you haven't started with an email list - I'd start that today. 

I have created a planning tool that allows you to plan out you social media strategy and also your newsletter themes.  Download it below, I will link below and you can let me know what you think! 

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