How does online fitness coaching work? is this for me?

I wanted to write a blog on the steps of online fitness coaching. I am going to try to answer the questions I have had in the past - but please if you have any other questions please let me know so I am can update them here. 

This may be you: 

You want a change but don't know exactly how to get it.  You are busy and tired and don't even have the time to think about WHAT you are going to do for a workout - or WHEN you are going to get it in.  You have tried things in the past and they haven't worked - you may go by the new muscle fitness or oxygen for ideas and motivation - but after that motivation runs out - what are you going to do? 

Step 1. 

Introduction.  We talk.  I ask you some questions about what you want.  You fill out questionnaires so I can better understand you. 

Step 2. 

We figure out your goals.  We talk about outcome goals vs. behavioural goals.  We decide what is realistic and attainable.   This part isn't supposed to be scary - I am not going to take away your wine, or chocolate or other things you enjoy.  Goals are only possible if you are 100% on board to do them.  We will talk about the big goals - but also the small, tiny, minute goals that will get you there.   

Plus I get to keep you accountable. 

Step 3. 

We watch you move.  I send you a series of videos for you to do.  You tape yourself doing them and send them back to me.  I want to understand how you are moving - this will better help me create a custom plan for you. 

Step 4. 


I have to understand where you are going to be working out.  At home?  At the gym?  The best way is to take photos of the area and equipment and send them to me.  Also - I need to know if you are willing to buy more equipment as you get stronger!  Or even if you want to start a home gym I can advise you what to get as you get more into it.  I really dislike it when people buy a home gym and NEVER use it.  I like to start small and grow as your fitness level grows. 

Step 5. 

Schedule.  We figure our how many times per week you are going to work out.  What time is best.  How long the workouts should be.  Stuff like that. 

Step 6.  

We get started!  I send you some workouts (usually on Monday) and you get to complete then that week.  Some workouts require a video (so I can see form and also for your own records).  On Sunday you send me your results and and check in how the week went and how you are feeling. 

The best part - I am ALWAYS HERE.  I guess at times thats not the best part.  But I am always here to ask questions about anything.  When you send me a video or results I will give you feedback and a virtual high five!!  

Also along this process we talk about nutrition and lifestyle - as it is the complete package for you.  I want to see you succeed. Together we'll figure out what best fits your life to ensure your success.

Most of my clients work out 3-4 times a week for 30-45 min - at most.  And usually in their basement. 

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Even if you just want to tell me your story and see how I can help - I would love to hear from you!!