FEELING OVERWELMED? Use this form to strategize your thoughts AND business goals.


So you want to grow your business. You need more clients, to attract better clients or you may decide that you want to bring some or ALL your business ONLINE.

These goals need big decisions, sometimes left to be procrastinated. Where do you even begin?

(If you don’t want to read below, and just want the google form YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE. )

The first thing is you want to get clear about your BIG business goal. Where do you see yourself in your business in 5 years?

Do you want more clients?

Do you want better clients? High paying, small group?

Or, do you want to change up the design of your business and bring some online?

What about your lifestyle in 5 years?

One way to think about your big business goal is to think about your lifestyle? How often do you want to work one/one? Small group? Do you want to travel? Work from home?

Now write it all down. I use a form I created on google docs, and I want to share it with you. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Then a really big question. Could you replicate when you are currently doing (and love doing) and bring it online?

I ask this is because if you are in the coaching line of work you are always going to be limited by the hours in the day. Not that working one/one or small group is a bad thing. But I am challenging you to think big picture. What would it feel like to have one extra stream of income coming in? Or to create a way to impact and help MORE people?

It's all possible.

First, start with your goals and what you want your life to look like, then we work backwards.

Trust me, it is not as overwhelming as it may seem. Just break it down into baby peices.