Change Challenge - try something new this January.

Its going to be the new year soon - less than 3 weeks!   

So have you thought about your "New Year Resolutions" or goals for next year?  For some reason January is a time where we are influenced into making some sort of a goal that we GENERALLY stop sometimes before February (studies say at least). 

So maybe take approach to the situation different - I am going to share 2 different and (not) very exciting ways. 

1.  Challenge to add vs take away.  

Most new Years goals are generally "cutting out" "stopping" "N0 _____"  

Its negative and also you are repeating to your self what you 'shouldn't' be having.  What IF  you changed it up and added something in?  

  • 8 glasses of water-

  • 5-6 servings of veggies

  • Taking the stairs everyday

  • Chewing my food extra slow

Which then brings me to my second points...

2. Make it easy and almost impossible to underachieve. 

If I said to you - have 5 glasses of water a day - and there was hesitation.  Then maybe it becomes have ONE glass of water in the morning before you leave the house.  Or perhaps take a water bottle with you in the car and make sure you drink the whole thing before the end of the day.   Making things EASY and MEASURABLE - allows you to easily achieve it. Almost laughably doable?  Awesome, you are on the right track. 

I think people are scared of doing something because it means giving up something.  It doesn't always have to be that way.  In fact, change and motivation increase when you start doing by adding - its a great feeling to be able to DO something that you set you mind too vs. NOT DOING.  Plus you will always be thinking about NOT DOING IT, usually resulting in doing said negative may be.  

So - think about it.  Are you scared of training something new/making a change because something is going to be taken away.  Are you able to switch the context into adding something positive?