5 Fun things to do this Valentines day on any budget!

So it’s February. It seems like just yesterday you were putting up the Christmas tree, sipping on eggnog and stuffing your face with holiday goodies – promising yourself that in January you would be better. Out of nowhere, New Years came and passed, and it’s becoming seemingly harder to stick to those self-promised goals. Not to mention, the stores are already lined with Valentine’s displays… Chocolate, cinnamon hearts, chocolate, candy hearts, chocolate… you get the idea.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be nice to come up with some sort of “How-to” guide for having a healthier Valentine’s Day… Now, for whatever reason, you’re probably one of two types of people: you live for February 14th (or any “holiday”, really) and are excited to decorate, dress-up and embrace the day… Or, you would rather forget about cupid altogether and get back to your daily life. Whether your plans include treating someone you love to a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget, or sobbing into a pint of ice cream while watching chick flicks, we have some ideas to make this your healthiest February yet – while staying within your budget!

Step # 1 – grab your partner, friends or kids and choose an activity that fits within your budget. We have indoor and outdoor ideas, because let’s face it who knows how the weather will be…

Free to under $10/person


Skating (free!)

The City of Calgary has multiple outdoor skating rinks around the city, which cost absolutely nothing to use. This is an awesome after-work activity, as most of the rinks are open until at least 9pm, and they always seem to be swarmed with people. So lace up those skates, and work on both your balance and your cardiovascular health – maybe grab some buddies and play some shinny… No matter what, its bound to be a good time!



Drop-in Sports (approx. $3-10/person)

Almost all recreation centers across the city have some sort of drop-in sports night. So whether you like basketball, floor hockey, soccer, etc. you can likely find a gym that hosts a drop-in night. Drop-in sports are a great way to stay social, or make new friends, all while doing something active.


Less than $20/person



You can rent snowshoes in so many places these days, our recommendation: the U of C outdoor centre where one day of rentals costs approximately $10 per person. We’re especially lucky, because we have the mountains in our backyards where you can find thousands of great snowshoeing trails. No time to leave the city? That’s fine! Snowshoeing is totally allowed in our city parks including, Fish Creek, Nose Hill and Glenmore parks.


Less than $50/person


Tube Park at COP (approx. $30/person)

With a new tubing park open right here in the city, why not get out and enjoy the slopes. COPs new course is the largest of its type, and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank.


Beginners Rock Climbing Course (approx. $40/person)

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just getting started, rock climbing is a great way to build your upper body strength. The Calgary Climbing centre offers free climb, as well as a variety of courses for different skill levels.