5 Simple tips on how to create a catchy blog title

Hey everyone! Content, content, content, right? But what is the point of creating it if no one sees it? How do you actually get your content (blog, videos, etc) LOOKED AT?!? Well, I think that it starts with a good title. In the video below I share my 5 simple tips on how to create a catchy blog title.

Here are the tools I share in this video:

  1. What problem is your blog/video going to solve for your ideal client. If you want to attract your ideal client, you must always be speaking to them!

  2. Check your keywords. Make sure you are making content people are actually searching for. I use this tool. Keywords Everywhere - https://keywordseverywhere.com

  3. Add in some AMAZING AND IMPACTFUL power words. (Sumo Article on Power Words - https://sumo.com/stories/power-words )

  4. Use formats: “How to” or create a list - both on how to solve the client problem that you are focussing on.

  5. Analyze it! Headline Analyzer https://headlines.sharethrough.com/

Bonus, here is my free screen recorder that I used to recod my screen https://screencast-o-matic.com/screen...


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