What is this 10 week nutrition thing all about?


Next session starts Sept 11th.

Limited spots available.

It is completely ONLINE....but I would be with you one/one. I find this the best of both worlds. I am here as your coach along the way. I provide individual feedback each week without the time or price of having to go see a coach in person.

I am not going to take away things in your life that you like, or love, or need. I do my best to focus on adding POSITIVE things into your daily routine or even creating a daily routine. We can't make changes to see what is working, if there is nothing consistent to make changes from.

I work on habits - this is going to look different for everyone depending on their goals.

YES I can help you. If you are willing to work with me. Each week, all I ask is you for you to provide feedback about where you are at. Again this is going to look different for everyone.

Clients that see the most results are the ones that provide feedback - positive and negative - the honest real life feedback that comes with making any lifestyle changes.

Ready to sign up?  GO HERE! Limited spots available. 

Ready to sign up?  GO HERE! Limited spots available.   

If you have any other questions please email me! lauren@sweatsinthecity.com