March: Sweatster of the Month

Each month I want to mention someone to who is working super hard and getting results.

Enter: Meghan.  

Meghan has been super dedicated.  It takes a certain type of motivation to work out on your own in your condo gym and she has got it.  Awesome work.  Keep it up Meghan!!! 

Why did you start with Lauren? I started my healthy lifestyle journey over a year ago on my own and quickly lost some weight, but that soon tapered off and I lost motivation. I started with Lauren because I felt myself falling into old habits and wanted to continue living healthy and get in really good shape. I had completed a 30 day challenge with Lauren previously and really enjoyed it, so I figured she'd be the perfect person to help me reach my goals. 

Where do you workout? I work out in my gym in my apartment building. 

What is your favourite movement? least favourite?  My favorite movement would be deadlifts and my least favorite would be lunges (just so happens I have lots of lunges in my workouts this week). 

What is your favourite healthy snack?Greek yogurt and berries. 

What are you most excited about for 2016? Meeting my goals and feeling awesome for my wedding.