Wednesday Workout - Most Popular Sweat Life Habit

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to the middle of the week.  Such a nice place to be.  

So, some of you may know that the Sweats Fitness Challenge is going on right now.  Each week you have to pick a "Life Habit" to practice everyday - eventually hoping to turn it into a permanent habit.   I was super curious to see what people would pick.  Here is the results after week 1.  Take into consideration that some of the data is missing because some people are better at documenting than other.  But still interesting (to me anyways).  The habit had to be smallest enough that you would be 90% positive that you could complete the activity EVERYDAY.   The most popular this week was drinking water!! What would you have picked? 

Here is your workout for the week. 

4 rounds:
1 min backwards bear crawl
1 min burpees over DB
1 min Box/Step Jumps
1 min high knee running
(3 min rest)