Wednesday Workout - Lean Lifestyle Program

How does change happen? 

The people I work with generally come to me because they want change.  We work together, trying to figure out the best way to motivate, educate and create this change. I've learned everyone is different - and change can be hard.  

So, I am changing it up. I want to try something new.  

The Lean Lifestyle Program. 

This is a group based program (5-8 people) It's small. It's cozy. It will be your new circle of friends. 

I think of the time in my life where I made the MOST change towards my goals. It was when I surrounded myself around people with similar goals. We would chat about our challenges and successes, and motivate each other. 

Habits and assignments will be shared each week. Some might be easy for you and some might be hard. However, no matter where you are on the spectrum, you have information and ideas that will beneficial the group. What the group brings to each other is the real value - I'll be here to guide you and offer my own experiences, but you'll learn from everyone!

Workouts will be provided each week - to do at home. If you have your own workout plan - GREAT - we can chat about it and make it work with the program. 

So....this is a raw group. It's going to be different and I really think it is going to be awesome. 

It will primarily be based on Facebook - we can create a private group to share our information on there.

Also, there may be some in person meetings (Based in Calgary). 

If you have other questions please post them here and I will answer them.  

Oh right - cost will be $95 for 12 weeks. 

The start date will be October 12th. 

If you are interested please e-mail me at lauren @ 





100 lunges for time*

* Every min 5 burpees. 

Have fun!!!