Wednesday Workout - Will Power - A limited resource?

You got home from work and you didn't want to work out. Your tired and just have no will power to do anything but relax on the couch.  

It's ok.  Your not alone, and technically its not your fault.  Will power is looked at as a limited resources.  Depending on your day you may be using it up  - resisting cookies, resisting conflict, resisting Facebook at work - I don't know what your into.  But using up will power during the day - makes you less likely do to those unwanted things at night. 


So what do you do? Take a look at your day to see were you may be using will power - perhaps rearrange your day to complete some tasks earlier in the morning (like working out!) 

Here is your workout for this week: 

23 Min As man reps as possible:
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Lunges
15 Sit-ups
10 DB Swings
5 push-ups

More information on will power here: