Your diet needs to fit YOUR life.


The food you eat should fit your life and lifestyle.  Your life shouldn't fit your "diet".

If you are following a program that doesn't fit into your daily life (ie. not going out with friends, eating alone at home, avoid events etc.) it will most likely be hard to follow long term.   You will most likely loose weight - but find it hard to keep off and eventually be back to where you started. 

You may want to take a look at what is important to you and shift it to be a bit more healthy.  For example you like to go out with friends - maybe suggest doings something more active, or plan to have 1 beer or drink and then water.  Try to pick something you would likely be able to follow - and then make it even easier so you don't have any excuses not too. 

With goal setting (especially around diet) it's best to set a goal - and then make it 10% easier. This way you more likely to shift the things they are ALREADY do to something a bit more healthier.  Over time if you are able to make small changes and and creating NEW habits and you will never have to feel deprived and eventuality give up!! 

Have a great weekend! 

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