If only....

If only I lost a bit of weight.... 

If only I could fit into those jeans...

If only I was confident with how I looked... If only I had that job... 

Then what??  

fat loss

You will feel better? Confident? Feel good in your skin? More likeable? 

We have all been here at some point. I have been here.  I have wanted to be smaller and struggled with body image all my life - well since grade 10.  And then I got tired of the "if only," I eventually got to the point where I just decided to be me.  

Its hard. But what if you just removed those words?  What if there were no more "if only"s?

If you were just YOU right now. 

Do you think that you would not be as tired, stressed, worried, busy - what if you just felt GOOD? And could focus on just feeling good? 

Notice today if you find yourself using "if only" - and just remove it.  It just makes you feel inadequate and bring you down...  There is no such thing as "if only" there is really only RIGHT NOW.  You can't punish yourself into something that you want.  

The only way things are going to change is if you take action - and It starts with being happy with you right now.