Wednesday Workout - How to make better goals than weight loss.

Hello!  Welcome back to another fun Wednesday full of amazing insight and a awesome workout - right?  

I wanted to share this with you.  When people signed up for my September Fitness Challenge I asked them a series of questions before it began.  One of with was their goal of the challenge.  Each one was written in their own words - but I put them into the categories below.  

Notice what is the most popular - WEIGHT LOSS.  

Sweats Challenge Goals.png

I could talk about weight loss (since it's a such hot topic) but Id rather chat with your why weight loss is NOT the best goal.   Its hard, but I want you to take a step back and think WHY you want to loose the weight.  To fit into certain clothes,  to feel better about yourself, then WHY do you want to do that - ask yourself over and over - you may be surprised what you find out.  You may have a different goal, something more like a vision.  It may include being more confident, or keeping up with your kids,  or to prevent the illness that comes along with age  - it could be anything, but generally aligns with the values in your life. 

Ok great - so now what. 

I want you to write a paragraph about the person that lost the weight - about the person who is fulfilling the values that you have identified for yourself.   NOW it's a matter of breaking down the paragraph into small missions.  What is one mission (tasks, small goals) can you start doing NOW to get your more aligned with your vision.  The smaller and more realistic the better.  You want it to be super easy, something that is TOO easy.  This way you will have NO PROBLEM completing it.   Then you take on another mission for a couple of weeks,  then another, then another.  

Before you know it - you will be MUCH closer to your vision & values.

So instead of putting weight loss as a goal - think of WHY that is so important to you - think about your values and your vision - then create small missions to complete to get you closer to your vision.