The best time to start is RIGHT NOW!

Hi team!!

I am sure a lot of you have felt the rush of X-Mas parties coming...  which means: a. late nights

b. drinks

c. gross food

d. chocolate

e. christmas baking


Yep, this is arguably one the hardest season to make it through.  Plus, it's freezing out... so layering up, sitting inside and watching endless Netflex shows may feel like the best choice of action. Or maybe your feeling super christmas full and just the thought of taking off the UGGs and doing burpees makes you pukey.   Let me tell you,

the New Year is no better time to start.

If you are reading this, you have already made the commitment to start once.....staying on track is going to be easier then quitting and starting again, trust me!

THERE IS NEVER A GOOD TIME TO START.  If you want to make healthier choices, live a more active and fitness style of life the best time is to start right now! (motivation at my finest).

Please keep up with your food journal - sending to me daily is OK!!

Stay on top of you workouts, whether they are at home or at the gym.  Its going to warm you up!  and you will feel so much better.

Feel free to come to my

class Tuesdays @ 6:00

.  If you want some great group motivation or just want to get out of the house, come join the fun.  Classes are designed for all levels - and may be the extra boost to need to your workouts.

Because it is Christmas time, I thought Id share this great recipe 

Coconut Macaroons

 (along with lots of other great recipes on this site).  Make lots and share them with your fitness hater friends.

Also here are some easy protein snacks:

Cottage Cheese

Greek Yogurt

Beef Jerky (all jerkys really)

Hard boiled eggs

Protein Shakes

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