Carbs? Carbs. Carbs!


Some say eat them, others say beware! These macro nutrients can be quite confusing.  With so many articles and advice out there,  it may leave you wondering about the sandwich in one hand and the salad in the other.

Some carby thoughts to consider: Carbs
I like to put them into 3 different categories:
Veggie Carbs - these are vegetables, excluded our starchier friends.
Fuel Carbs - there are the starchy/higher sugar carbs included oatmeal, bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit etc.
BAD Carbs - these are bad, processes high sugar - I think you know what I am talking about.
The following guidelines are vague, please note that everyone is different!  But from the information I just outlined, here are some simple rules that may help you.
Don't eat bad carbs - that one is easy.
Eat fuel carbs, for fuel!  This means exercising.  Depending on your goals you may choose to use the fuel carbs only post exercise, or depending on your body fat, goals and level of exercise you may want more fuel during the day.
Veggie Carbs - Green light!!  Go for these bad boys, they can be eaten whenever your heart desires :)
These rules are simple!  Everyone is different and these rules may change accordingly.  Bottom line tho - eat your veggies!!!