Calgary Healthy Fast Food

Life is sometimes too busy to pack a super healthy lunch everyday.  When running around Calgary and I don’t have any prepack healthy snacks, here is where I may end up: Community Food10th Avenue Market 304 10 Ave SW, Calgary

GREAT salad bar.  Everything is organic.  And a great hot section too.  The salad bar stays the same but the hot food changes. I have seen salmon, meatball, and usually curry chicken on the weekends.  It can get pricey as they weight everything.  But when you are in a pinch can you really put a price on health?

The Main Dish903 General Ave NE 

I usually frequent here for breaky, but thier takeout section is great too.  Turkey burgers, roasted espharugus.  They have super super clean options and also clean options.   Catering to Calgary’s Olympics athletes, how can you really go wrong?

 Jugo Juice - multiple Calgary locations

I tend to stay away from the fruity mcfruit kinds… but their new veggies drinks are pretty yummy.  Add a scoop of protein and this becomes a well rounded (liquid) meal.

Mucho Burrito - multiple Calgary locations

Some good options if you are on the go.   Gluten free for the most part – unless you getting a wrap.  I generally go for the bowl or the salad with chicken.  And of course guacamole.

 The Coup924 17 Ave SW

You can order to go from this lovely, lovely place.  I tend to get the frittata (which is always different and always AWESOME) but it mostly caters to the Calgary veggiers.  It’s a sit-down restaurant (which is expanding = more seats) but you can also take out.  There salads are delish.  Actually, everything is super good. 

Calgary Farmers Market - 510 77 Ave SE

Depending on the day, maybe not the quickest meal.  But they do have some great to-go option in the food court.  Also you can pick up some beef jerky for snack AND other high quality meat for the rest of the week (if you are going home somewhat soon).  Great sausage and veggies options.  I love finding new things here – so if you have a favourite vendor or both, please share!! 

healthy calgary fast food

I am sure there are other great quick healthy options in Calgary. They seem to be  popping up all the time – If you have a favourite healthy eating joints please share!!