Its Winter Out There!

So it's winter now.  Snowy, cold, dark...  the last thing you probably want to do is workout.  Here are some tips on how to stay motivated and not deviate too far from your current workouts regime.  Remember winter is only here a short while, then its bikini season!!  (right?!?)

Create a plan ahead of time.

Know your goals and what you want to get done.  If you make your plan reasonable and attainable you will be more likely to follow it.

Make plans with friends to work out.

Have a grindy workout that doesn't seem too fun, invite your friends along ot share it with you!!  This time of year is all about sharing the love isn't it?  So why hold back and do that long winter run solo - make it a group event!

Plan to work out before a party, not the morning after.

Regardless of what you eat and drink, staying out late can effect the quality of your workout.  If you know you have a Christmas Party to attend be sure to workout the morning off, rather then trying to get a somewhat ok workout in the following morning.  Instead sleep in and enjoy the fact you had a good workout and a nice night knowing tomorrow you can get back into the gym for a quality workout.

If traveling, check ahead if there are available gyms.

If you don't you are just making an excuse for yourself.  Be pro-active find a gym to work out in (gyms are usually always happy to have travellers) and take initiate for your goals.

If there's no gym access, take advantage of travel tools.

Let me know if you need some home workouts.  There are tons of body weight workouts you can do that will maximize your fitness gains.  Don't be a lazy elf.  Go shovel snow for time if you need too!

Weekend workout: 

100 burpees for time.  This is chest to ground, jump and hand extension.

Jake and I went on a winter run!! Friends make it better!