I have crossfitted for 7 years, and still do these 7 things.

It's crazy to think that is has been that long.  I am currently training up to the 2014 open, which will be my 7th competition year.  Thats so so crazy.  To think when I started I was on the band pull-ups,  barely snatching 65#.  Here are a few things that I still do, even tho it has been quite a while: 1. Get really nervous before a workout.  Ummm if you are a cross fitter and never get nervous, you need to up your game.  Or start challenging yourself a little bit more.  Getting nervous is a sign to me that I am turned on and ready to get this thing done.  There is a balance I guess between getting too nervous and freezing vs exciting to compete - I find that visualization has helped me here.  I have really done all the regional workouts 100 times, 98 of them being in my head.  Sometimes it help if you can imagine everything that is going on,  and then silencing them and focussing on what you have to do, on your game plan, this may sound a bit cra cra - but trust me it helps!

2. Make a game plan.  This kinda goes with #1 - but I always have an idea of how I am going to strategize a workout.  Taking into account a practice setting or competition setting.   Practice setting, you can take the risks of "red lining"  but when your in a comp I feel best when I know what my plan is (*sometimes super human powers happens due to adrenaline, and that is AWESOME, just plan that it may happen too)

2. Re-evaluate my food, lifestyle etc.  I am definitely tuned in with what is going on with my body.  But there is always the questions, can it be better?  I am lucky to be surrounded by super knowledgable cross fitters (not to mentions the people I follow on social media) so new information is always at my finger tips.

Sometimes, I take a step back and see where I could make little improvements, especially gearing into competition season.  I take a week and do what I tell my clients and write down everything: what/when I ate, how I felt, when I worked out, how I felt, when I went to bed, how I felt, what my stress levels are, how I feeeeel.  It takes time - but that info is so valuable!  These things are so individualized, I can ask others all day long about their options of things, but unless I try it out for myself and document how I feel, it's just information.

3. Pick out all my outfits before a competition.  If you feel like you look good,  then you just feel good, and then muscle ups are easier... right? or 50 HSPU?

4. Get nervous to go to a new crossfit gym for a drop in - what is the work out going to be... will I be able to do it?  Sometimes I have to resort to #3 to make this situation better.

5. Write down my goals.   Not that this one is a surprise to any athlete, but I write down my goals.  Smart goals. LIttle goals (one month), longer goals (one year) and that dream like goals (to go to the games again).

6. Take the time to create balance in my life.  Maybe this one I didn't do at the beginning of my crossfit career, but I think that is a super important note.

It has taken me a lot trial and error and to get this one right (and patience and support).  But I think it's important to keep an eye on the big picture.  I sometimes stay up late... drink wine, have gluten, chocolate (sometimes all at once), and sometimes I miss training sessions.  I make an effort to live a somewhat normal life.  The crossfit lifestyle is a lifestyle - but it really how you look at it. I often say that if I go to bed at 10, someone else is going to bed at 9....(ummm competitive?)  But you have to take a step back and look at everything and when its go time and whens it's not.

At the end of the day things that really matter can't be tracked in a daily journal, or bought at lulu lemon and if you take the time to realize these things, then somehow the muscle ups are somehow easier too.

On that note,  I am dressing up as a troll this weekend :)exercise-troll

Weekend Workout

For time:

50 burpees

100 sit-ups

50 burpees

Also I am having a blast writing personal programs for people in the Calgary area, if you are looking to make a fitness change, please message me and we can TALK!

Have a great weekend.