June 14th - Weekend Homework

Great job to the sweatsters that came out tonight!  Glad a new session is up and running. Reminder: Classes run Tuesday/Thursday at 6:30 pm! Drop in's are available!!

Here is your weekend homework:

Part one: As many rounds as possible in 20 min: 

30 lunges, 5 burpees 

30 sit-ups , 5 burpees

30 squats, 5 burpees

(all of this equals one round) 


  • chest to ground on the burpees 
  • shoulder blades to ground and chest to knees on the sit-ups
  • below parallel on the squats

Part 2: As many hand-release push ups possible in 3 min. 

  • chest to ground, hands must come off ground when chest is touching

Please ensure a good warm up and cool down.

Post your results to post on the facebook page!! 

Here is a picture from the Crossfit Regionals this past weekend