May 17th - Weekend Workout

thank to everyone that has come out to the first Sweats in the City session this summer.   It's great to be back out in the sun! Well for the most part.... If you finish up your workout this weekend and find yourself rained in maybe try these local Calgary activities to do. Here is your weekend homework:

Please ensurs you do a 10 min warm up - including some movements from this workouts, and other movements you may have learned at Sweats this week.

10 rounds for time : 

3 push-ups - chest to ground! 

5 sit-ups - full range of motion

7 Dumb Bell Swings - tight core, no rounding of back

9 Squats - chest high, below parallel depth

Please post total time to complete and dumbbell weight  used to comments.

Have a great weekend!

June 4 - Bring a Friend Night!