Long weekend rain? What do to when the sky isn't so blue in YYC.

Rain.....the worst ever!?!

So three days off, no plans for camping, and no plans for sun.   What fun activities can you get up to?  Here are some family friendly, couple cozy, or strictly single activities you could partake in.
CALGARY SCIENCE CENTER - I don't know whyt his came to mind first.... but I think it would be a fun family event.  Pack a nice healthy lunch (full of fresh fruits and veggies) and maybe you can sit outside (if the rain breaks up for a bit) and enjoy!
CALGARY ZOO- Ok not at all inside. Perhaps 30% of it is inside. So,  if there is 70% chance of showers, then being inside 30% seems accurate, right?  Ok maybe not - but you can dress for the rain and warm up in the indoor exhibits.
WAVE POOL - amazing right? Big kids and little kids can always use a little more water slide fun in their lives.  I haven't personally been in forever, but I think it would be a grande time.  Wee?!?!
CALGARY FARMERS MARKET -  This is my personal favourite, I love it here.  It may be more big kids friendly (however, I must say the kids area looks great).  But when it's raining out you might as well prep for a healthy week and get your fresh local fruits and veggies.

Please post other fun long weekend activities to comments!!


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