READ: The easiest way to lose 8lbs a year

Why standing is the new sitting.

I sure you have seen them, heard about them or perhaps you’re even using one now.

Standing desks are taking over our open concept work floors everywhere.  So whether you are sitting or standing you may be wonder WHY are they becoming so popular.  Here are some reasons why.

Standing burns more calories than sitting.  During a day you can burn up to 50 more calories an hour standing vs sitting.  So if you stand 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, that’s about an extra 750 calories burnt.  If you do this for a year that would be 30,000 calories, which would equal about 8lbs of fat.  

So standing for 3 hours/day is 8lbs of fat lost a year.

Standing can also help correct the damage that has been done by sitting. A lot of us have very bad sitting habits.  Rounding the shoulders, head tilted, closed hip flexors, crossed legs, to name a few.  All day long your body is stuck in this position, day after day. This can lead to health problems, including shortening of the hip flexors, which can cause back problems, imbalanced muscles, and more aches and pains.

One option would be to get up and walk around every hour - and that’s not a bad start, but is isn't enough.  You need to start standing.

One way to start is to build up your desk and keyboard with text/phone books (they probably aren't being used anymore anyway!)

Another option is to get a stand up desk you can place on your desk when you want to use it.

Or you can get an adjustable standing up desk like this one.  


Like every new workout program you want to scale it from the beginning.  Maybe you only stand for an hour a day working your way up to 3 hours.  Notice how your body feels, and where are you getting tired.  You may be sore after the first day - ensure your desk and monitor are at a good height and that you’re not looking down and placing tension on your neck.

Now that you are standing, you’re burning more energy so drink water to stay hydrated.  

Ladies - don’t wear heels while standing all day.  Wearing heels shortens the tendons in your lower legs and pushes your butt up which shortens your hip flexors.  So wear flats (or kick off your heels) while standing at work.  Keep a pair under your desk and switch out the heels if need be.

So, stand up this summer.   Overall it is going to make you feel more awesome.  You could lose weight, ward off aches and pains and create better mobility.

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