Starts October 16th

  • Fun & unique 30 day challenge 
  • Full body workouts, with demo videos 
  • Personal online progress dashboard to track results 
  • 20 - 30 min of highly effective exercises 
  • Train anywhere, any time.

Daily Email

  • You will receive an e-mail daily.
  • It is your responsibility to fill out the form and submit your results everyday - at the end of the day (it may be good to set your set a reminder).

Limited spots available! 

I really enjoyed the challenge and was able to modify all of the workouts which I really liked. Looking forward to the next one :)
I really enjoyed the Challenge! I pushed myself and it was great being accountable to someone. I also liked that I didn’t have to think about my workout each day/week.
The Sweats Fitness challenge helped me become motivated after falling into the Winter slump. I have recommended this challenge to others who are also looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. Thanks Lauren!