Everyone is different. Its my goal to understand your body's needs and fuel it for energy, body composition and health AND taking in YOUR LIFESTYLE into account.

My coaching is based on developing small daily habits.  

Habit based nutrition takes into account the big picture - who are you and what do you want?  Its not a quick fix and will require patience and commitment.

At the end off us working together you will have learned a lot about nutrition - including macros, meal timing, environment, recipes and lifestyle hacks. 

There is no meal plan, no set rules and no one is going to ban you from wine and chocolate.  With habit based nutrition you are going to get to a spot where you can enjoy life knowing you are eating to feel awesome and look great.  

nutrition coaching: get Results

This program is designed for anyone who wants to make change to their nutrition and lifestyle. 

There are no meal plans, limitations, or hard and fast rules.  You will be coached with weekly achievable habits agreed upon by you. 

This template works for any type of goal, some of goals of past clients have included: 

  • Crossfit athletes
  • Mums with new babies 
  • Professionals with lack of time
  • Body composition changes  
  • Increased energy
  • Balancing life


Weekly goals and habits are designed for you and may include:

  • Setting up your environment for success
  • Body & eating  awareness 
  • Evaluating your time & goals
  • Ensuring your eating enough protien
  • Evaluating your carbohydrate consumption
  • Eating good fats
  • Eating for performance
  • Planning meals
  • Creating your ideal day. 
  • Balancing your diet with the science of macronutritent - carbs, proteins & fats

how it works

  • Once sign up you will receive a questionnaire that will help us understand what your goals are.  
  • You will also receive and initial introduction phone call
  • You will start developing your habits based on your goals - generally 1 habit a week
  • Goals and Habits are monitored with personalized accountability software
  • 24/7 access to ask questions to your coach vis email and text
  • Monthly phone call with you coach