HABIT: Eating Mindfully

This is a mindful, body awareness task.   It is true that if you eat fast, your body is delayed on letting you know it's full. So your task is to eat slowly, and stop at 80% full. 

There are benefits of this too - other than the mindful one we experience by paying attention to what we eat. 

  • Improved digestion
  • Better performance with exercise/workouts
  • More time to enjoy meals
  • Better sleep if you are eating before bed

There is a worksheet for this habit. 

EXERCISE: Lifestyle Vision Board

Sometimes defining goals around fitness and nutrition can be hard.  You know what you want,  you know what it looks like, you know what it FEELS like - but how do you define it? 

I am sure you have heard of a vision board before - and this is a twist on that!  It's a LIFESTYLE FITNESS BOARD. 

I want you to take a bunch of magazine and start cutting out pictures of the POSITIVE LIFESTYLE you want to obtain.   This includes fitness and nutrition, but also includes anything that would be included in your ideal lifestyle - work family friends hobbies emotions wellness.  You get the pictures.  

Put this VISION BOARD somewhere you see everyday.  It's surprising how much it can affect you.  Its a constant reminder of you values, goals and WHYPOWER.  A pictures speaks a thousand words - use this to you advance!! 

Once you are done, send me a pic!!