2017 is your year to get strong, confident and in charge of what you want. 

Welcome to the 10 week NKD Nutrition Coaching Program.

This is a new transformation program that has launched 2017 - a personalized nutrition program that fits your lifestyle and enables you to make lasting changes. 

When it comes to fitness - there are 2 things always involved SCIENCE and PSYCHOLOGY.  If you were a robot, I am sure you would have achieved your goals already.  Calculate what you need, eat it, and carry on your robotic way.   Like filling up your car for gas, if only it were that easy.  PEOPLE LOVE FOOD - and that is fantastic!!  Over the years we create an emotional attachment to food - whether they are positive or negative attachments - but they are present.  These underlying attachments can hinder us from achieving our goals.  The goal of this program is to help you figure out WHAT to eat and then HOW to do that.  

10 Week Nutrition Coaching Program
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What are you goals?

 What do you want? Clients in the past wanted to achieve the following goals:

  • Creating a Balanced Lifestyle 
  • Body Composition (weight loss, muscle gain)
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Time for self


  • Custom flexible nutrition program (individualized based on age, gender, weight, height activity level and goals.)
  • Detailed macro-nutrient breakdown
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Unlimited macro adjustments for continued progress
  • Mandatory weekly email check ins
  • List of healthy foods and recipes for each macro-nutrient group


Everything is communicated online.  I use google docs to communicate your nutrition program, your goals, my expectations and tools. It will be your responsibility to input your results weekly so I can see how you are doing - check ins are weekly.

Tools that you will need:

Google docs - to keep track of your information and communicate with me.  If you have a gmail account then perfect you are all set.

MyFitnessPal - the easiest (and free) way to keep track of what you are eating.  There are other programs/apps out there - so look around if you like.  But this one is my favourite.

Facebook -  This one is optional.  But if you want to be apart of the private facebook group, you will need a facebook account.