Introduction.  We talk.  I ask you some questions about what you want.  You fill out questionnaires so I can better understand you and your needs.  We talk about potential options and a plan.  Want to see what may be the best option for you?   Wanna see how that may work - lets start by filling out this form.  


Online fitness coaching is becoming more popular - because of the unlimited accountability and motivation.

We figure out your goals.  We talk about outcome goals vs. behavioural goals.  We decide what is realistic and attainable.   This part isn't supposed to be scary - I am not going to take away your wine, or chocolate or other things you enjoy.  Goals are only possible if you are 100% on board to do them.  We will talk about the big goals - but also the small, tiny, minute goals that will get you there.   

Plus I get to keep you accountable.


The best part - I am ALWAYS HERE.  Perhaps not always the best part.  But I am always here to ask questions about anything.  When you send me a video or results I will give you feedback and a virtual high five!!  


I need you to be as honest as possible with me - it’s the only way I am going to best understand you and create a program that will work.   I will be honest with you too, I don’t want to set you up with a program that won’t help you feel amazing.  I love helping people achieve their goals and I really want to meet you and see what we can do together!

Physical Assessment

I watch you move.  I send you a series of videos for you to do.  You tape yourself doing them and send them back to me.  I want to understand how you are moving - this will better help me create a custom plan for you. Also - I have to understand where you are going to be working out.  At home?  At the gym?  The best way is to take photos of the area and equipment and send them to me.  Or even if you want to start a home gym I can advise you what to get as you get more into it.  

Want to chat more about how online fitness coaching would look for you?  Lets chat!  Fill out the consult form (click below) and lets get started!