April 1st - Week in Review!

Hope you had a great week and easter weekend.  Each weekend I will be creating a “Week In Review” post to share my favourite podcasts, books, recipes and WORKOUTS.  I’m keeping it simple, but please share your thoughts below.

Red Ducks Foods - Ketchup

This is my new favourite ketchup! It has an amazing taste profile, goes well with many dishes and my favourite compliment to my my morning eggs. I should share that I was never a ketchup connoisseur and could do without the red condiment that’s frowned upon your standard upscale establishments!! They have a variety of flavors and also provide recipes on their web site. I tried out this one for easter brunch and it was simple and tasted amazing.

FemSport June 23rd 2018

This ladies only strength and fitness competition caught my attention for its fitness focus component. There are a variety of events which make it excellent value of your time and additionally are fun.  I am currently training a group of ladies for this competition. If you are female (sorry guys) and want something unique to train for please send me a note!!

easy egg bake.JPG

Easiest Egg Bake EVER

April 2nd I am starting a new Muscles and Macros program. The program is designed to focus on a new habit each week.  As an example, one of the habits focuses on including a protein for breakfast, something we should all be doing. I have been playing around with some different options.  Here is an EASY breakfast option:

  • 1 litre egg whites or 12 eggs
  • Roasted veggies (peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, any other veggie you like)
  • Coconut oil
  • Dairy free cheese, daiya or other favourite cheese
  • Herbamare, salt and pepper
easy egg bake2

Line a (approx.) 9 x 13 inch baking dish with coconut oil.  Place down the pre roasted veggies (leftovers) eveningly. Whisk together the eggs with salt and pepper and then evenly distribute over the roasted veggies. Bake about 45-50 min or until a knife inserted into the middle comes out clean.  

Enjoy!! Perhaps add some Red Duck Ketchup!

I like to make this at the beginning of the week and then I have pre-made breakfast for the rest of the week.  Because you know what went into the egg bake you can portion according to your nutritional needs!

This weeks workout: 

For time: Row 500m, 15 Manmakers, 50 lunges, 5 stairs (or 500m run), Row 400m, 12 Manmakers, 40 lunges, 4 stairs (or 400m run), Row 300m, 9 Manmakers, 30 lunges, 3 stairs (or 300m run), Row 200m, 6 Manmakers, 20 lunges, 2 stairs (or 200m run), Row 100m, 3 Manmakers, 10 lunges, 1 stairs (or 100m run).

Its a sweaty doozy, let me know how it goes in comments.

Have a great week!!



Benefits of Small Group Training

Small group training has a lot of benefits.  Besides being able to make some new friends – here are the reason why I really enjoy coaching my small group – but also reasons why you may enjoy it too!

group training.jpeg
  1. Economical.   Personal training can be pricey, but jumping into a small group with similar goals you save on cost but still benefit from the one/one with a coach.
  2. Motivational.  Its motivational to work out with motivated people. Simple.  Small group training may not only push outside your comfort zone – in a safe environment guided by a skill coach – but also by your fellow comrades.
  3. One/one attention.  Because of the small size group your coach is able to spend more time correcting form and providing feedback.
  4. Variety and Plan.  Depending on the focus of your small group, your coach provide the expertise in variety of movements and progression of your fitness plan.
  5. Focus.  Versus heading to the gym to do the “lil of this, lil of that” program.  The structure of the small group session will keep you on track for your workout.
  6. FUN.  It’s fun to work out with a small group of friends, or soon to be friends.
  7. Progression and RESULTS.  Its great to see yourself improve – whether that be with technique or strength.  I think this is my favourite point.  I love creating a plan, coaching, and tracking the progression of my clients.   If you don’t measure it – how do you know you are getting better?

I asked some of my small group training clients and this is what they liked about it:

“I like working out with people that try hard … it motivates me to try harder .Also  it is cheaper than personal training but has a lot of the benefits of personal training ( accountability, technique feedback, progress monitoring and goal setting)”

“I benefit so much from small group. So many reasons but for me, it makes me do stuff I would NEVER attempt do on my own, add more weight than I would normally add, and I really appreciate the focus on technique so I can do the movements on my own later.  Knowing that someone (or a small group) is meeting keeps me accountable and consistent timing-wise.  Its also cost effective…bonus”

“I see a level of progression that I hadn’t seen in the past. (that is if I keep up with the routine!) Your comments of technique is probably the biggest reason on the progression.  Also, the fun atmosphere makes the challenges easier to overcome.”

“I love small group training because we work on specific things that are beyond what you can do in a class and having others to motivate you.  Makes is more fun especially when its really hard: Lift heavier than you can on your own for pure safety reasons.”


RECIPE: PB Sweet Potato Soup

RECIPE: PB Sweet Potato Soup

Now that it is getting cold out I am into soups!   I like them for a couple of reasons.   One, you can put everything into a pot and just let it cook away (like this recipe).  Secondly, you can add whatever you like to complete the meal - more veggies, starchy carbs or a protein option.   Let me know what you think!

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