Monica, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, Heavens Fitness

"I lost 13 inches and 7lbs on the NKD 10-week challenge, working with Lauren, and I am incredibly happy. The NKD program has changed how I eat, think, and feel. Lauren focuses not just on nutrition, but self-thought and habits, which has led to improved self-awareness of what and when I eat. I am less bloated and I have more energy. Lauren is knowledgeable, positive and an encouraging coach. She is fantastic to work with and if you are thinking about signing up – just do it!"

Jenn, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, Heavens Fitness

"I absolutely loved Lauren’s nutrition program!  The program definitely made me more aware of what I eat and how much.  Thanks to Lauren, I have been able to develop healthy habits, which are maintainable for the long-term.   I now eat much cleaner and healthier and know how to eat to optimize my workouts and recovery.   While on the program, I built lean muscle and lost body fat and am now in the best shape of my life.  The two best parts of this program are how personalized it is for your body and goals and that Lauren is always there to push and support you along the way."